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The true cost to the insurance industry to business and to the tax payer of false and exaggerated insurance claims is unknown. Our evidence has enabled insurers across the country to gain the results they need to either validate the claimant’s case or to discreetly deal with those who seek to commit fraud.

Axis Investigations is only a phone call away from exposing those who file fraudulent claims. Employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators and self insurers use our investigation service to assist in identifying fraudulent claims. Our detailed reports are clear and accurately reflect our professional efforts and surveillance results.

Our team of skilled investigators can conduct covert surveillance nationwide at any time in virtually any type of environment. Using cutting edge technology we are often able to overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video and photographic evidence.

By placing your case with our trained and resourceful investigators you, like others who have benefited from our services have taken the first step in closing the case against you.

Road Traffic Accident Investigations

The Axis team of qualified investigators provide our clients with a service which is second to none. man-wheel

  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Locating of Witnesses
  • Taking of Statements
  • Attending at the locus
  • Comprehensive Photographic Evidence
  • Liaising with the Gardai



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