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  • Covert Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Data Mining
  • Lifestyle Reports

Axis investigations has enabled businesses of all sizes to protect profitability and ensure correct work practices. The Axis nationwide team of investigators will provide you with a cost effective solution, top quality video footage and photographic surveillance, enabling the client to settle claims and close files.

Staff Absenteeism

Our Evidence has helped employers across the country gain the results they need to either validate the claimants case or to discredit those who seek to commit fraud and to dismiss those long term absentees who flaunt the system by continuing to work elsewhere whilst claiming benefits or pursuing a false claim against your business.

Staff Embezzlement/CCTV Monitoring/Covert Surveillance

Every time an employee takes home goods/money from their place of work, both the employer and employee lose out. In today’s business environment of ever tightening margins, such losses can be irrevocably damaging to your business’s long term profitability and survival. Lower profitability ultimately leads to repercussions for co-workers in lower raises, longer working hours and a poor working environment as suspicion cast a shadow over all. Should you be suspicious or just want the reassurance of knowing the truth then you need to contact us.

Undercover Operation

If you want to know what is really happening in your business then you need our undercover operatives to work in the area of most concern to you whether that be a factory environment or the shop floor. The information gathered can provide valuable information on:

  • Theft of Product and Stock
  • Use or resale of goods
  • Assessment of Productivity
  • Job knowledge and morale

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